Land Surveying Software... From Your Point of View

Traverse PC has provided land surveying software since 1987. We offer point-based software with Visible Data™ for managing your data and Quick View™ technology for your drawings, all in our stand-alone, easy to learn and use, TPC Desktop™.

You'll find all the standards like COGO, Closure, Adjustments, Coordinate Reference Systems, Surfaces, Least Squares, Profiles, LandXML, Google Earth, GIS, GNSS, Alignments, Offsets, Point Codes, Drawing Codes, Legal Descriptions, Geodetics, PLSS and more.

Built in GIS / DWG / DXF / DGN / PDF / KML / KMZ / LandXML / data collector interfaces!

We're not CAD! And don't want to be! Because CAD simply can't do land surveying like Traverse PC does.


Take a look around and see why over 85% of the surveyors who contact Traverse PC for the first time decide TPC is the right choice for them!

  • Personal
    Forestry / Assessors / Landscape Design / Construction / Plat Checking / Legal
    $60/mo US
    - Basic COGO
    - Basic Drawing
    - Basic CAD View
    - Basic Alignments
    - Basic GIS
    - Basic Files (ASCII, SDR, RAW, DWG...)
    - Basic CRS (Coordinate Reference System)
    - Phrase Driven Legal Description Writer
    $800 US Perpetual License
  • Premium
    Surveying / Geodetics / Mapping / Construction / Accident Investigation
    $80/mo US
    Everything in Personal plus
    - Surfaces / Volumes
    - Geodetics
    - More CAD View
    - Point Codes (Field-To-Finish)
    - More Drawing
    - More Adjustments
    - More GIS w/Projections
    - More Files (Trimble, Nikon, KML...)
    - Complete CRS
    - Complete COGO
    $1400 US Perpetual License
  • Professional
    Surveying / Engineering / Highway / PLSS / A.L.T.A./NSPS
    $100/mo US
    Everything in Premium plus
    - LandXML
    - Slope Analysis
    - Least Squares 2D/3D Network
    - Profiles / X-Sections / Vertical Curves
    - PLSS (Public Lands Survey)
    - Drawing Codes (begin/end line...)
    - Complete CAD View
    - Complete GIS
    - Complete Files (C&G, Pacsoft, DGN...)
    - Complete Surfaces
    - Complete Drawing
    - Complete Adjustments
    $2000 US Perpetual License