Alligators and Snakes

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See how Donald Todd uses Traverse PC in Avoid the Alligators & Snakes . The December 2007 issue of The American Surveyor Magazine has a great article about a GLO survey in Florida.

Bechaver: Site

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I taught myself how to run TPC. I had no experience with any other CADD system, so I found it to be very surveyor friendly. We use it for every aspect of our business and have produced excellent plats”. “TPC staff has been great to work with. Billy Bechaver, Senior Survey Technician, Wachob & Wachob, Inc. Colorado City, Colorado View PDF in post.

20 Years of Traversing

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20 Years of Traversing . “Over the years, Traverse PC has found a niche with its non-CAD software, and it now celebrates 20 years in business. Oh, and they do surveying too.” September 2007 issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine

Bob Holtkamp

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“I’m working in the high Arctic on a project called the DEW Line Clean Up (DLCU). DEW is an acronym for Distant Early Warning systems and is a joint project of the Canadian and American military.” “The Department of Defense would accept only AutoCAD or Traverse PC. AutoCAD is not surveyor friendly.”  “The economics are simple. Without Traverse PC our company would not have this lucrative contract. “I could not do this job with such ease without the help of … Read More

David Hansard

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“This is the surveying software I have been looking for.  I have spent about two weeks playing with Traverse PC while I have been using my old surveying software to complete work already downloaded.  The drawing I have attached is my first completed drawing that took about a couple of hours to finish.  The problem with Traverse PC is finding a place to stop, I keep finding things to do to the drawing and finally had to stop and call it … Read More

Bryan Hartsook

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“TPC Desktop is more impressive than any AutoCAD version that I have ever used. It applies the most logical processes and solutions that are used everyday in surveying and works them into a clean interface that is easy to understand and simple to use. Traverse PC is loaded with time-saving features that allow me to customize and produce drawings efficiently with confidence.” Bryan Hartsook, Fork Mountain Surveying and Mapping, Inc., Meadows of Dan, VA

Alan Lusk

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I prefer TPC over other software for plat drawing because of the ability to change your scale factor of a drawing without having to go through the drawing changing the scale of everything within the drawing. Every drawing has its own specific legend. And if you can think how a surveyor would do something, not a CAD operator, the software is fairly straight-forward to use. Alan Lusk, Adairsville, GA  (10+ years experience as a CAD operator)