Kevin J. McMahon

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As a small business owner with no designated graphics or CAD person, I needed to learn a mapping program that could bring me from beginner to expert level quickly. I chose Traverse PC.  After only two hours of training with the TPC Connection, I am now drawing clean, beautiful plats and contour maps in Traverse PC.  Traverse PC and the TPC Connection technical service are worth their weight in gold! “ Kevin J. McMahon, PS, CFM, Gulf South Associates, Biloxi , MS

eNewsletter: August 2013

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President’s Message: TPC Desktop 2013 Premium Edition – Mark’s Tech Corner: Arc Aligned Curve Labels – Eric Tanikawa: The TPC Connection May Be a “6” Star Product! President’s Message: TPC Desktop 2013 Premium Edition TPC users with the Premium Edition are in for a pleasant surprise when they update to TPC Desktop 2013 – Volumes and Point Codes (Field-to-Finish), previously available only in the Professional Edition, are now included in the Premium Edition. The addition of Volumes will allow you to say, “Yes” to more jobs that … Read More