Anthony Failla

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My client needed a site plan to replace an existing composite deck with a new shelter between existing tennis courts. These projects are quite simple when you take advantage of the Layers capabilities included with Traverse PC. I am able to produce quality, color drawings that make a lasting impression on my clients. The days of black lines on white paper are a thing of the past! Thank you Traverse PC! Anthony Failla, RLS, Cummings GA I have also attached … Read More

eNewsletter: March 2014

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President’s Message: Bruce Anderson Reviews TPC Desktop 2014  –  Mark’s Tech Corner: TPC Desktop 2014 is Out the Door  –  Eric Tanikawa: Ultimate Update Special  – President’s Message: Bruce Anderson Reviews TPC Desktop 2014 The February edition of Professional Surveyor Magazine includes a Software Review of TPC Desktop 2014 by Bruce Anderson, LS. Bruce is a long time user of TPC and did a great job talking about what makes TPC Desktop different and better than the other guys. Bruce … Read More

The TPC Desktop

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This video introduces you to the TPC Desktop. 0:20 Task Manager and managers in a tabbed group 0.55 Opening a drawing from the Drawing Manager 1:07 Opening a traverse from the Traverse Manager 1:22 Desktop areas 1) navigation 2) managers  3) desktop 2:00 Moving views 2:20 Traverse Groups 3:17 Traverse View 3:55 Closure View 5:42 Drawing View 6:16 Drawing Manager 6:47 Surface Manager