Glenn Deegan, Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia

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“Traverse MAGIC” This email was sent to John Balcom (Traverse PC President, MSE, PLS, GISP) from one of our users “Down Under”. Glenn uses TPC set up for South Azimuths and the NZGD2000 (New Zealand LINZS25002) Coordinate Reference System. “Dear John, “I did another contour survey on Friday and had no difficulty processing it thanks to TPC. “I think you should rename TPC to Traverse MAGIC. “I love the way you can edit the border and add/edit the dynamic break … Read More

Elaine Pearsons

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“To Mark, and everyone else at Traverse PC: “You will be happy to note that I’ve retired and turned the computer operations over to my dog. No longer will you be hindered with having to converse with a computer language illiterate. “You are the reverse of what usually occurs when calling for support with other companies. Your clear voice of un-accented English, your expertise, your superb patience and your kindness and empathy is extraordinary and much appreciated. “Thank you for … Read More

eNewsletter: July, 2015

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eNewsletter – July, 2015  President’s Message: Alaska Vacation, Mark Lull: KML and KMZ Files, Oliver Bochsler: Scaling Up for Larger Surveys, Eric Tanikawa: The “Ultimate” BBQ Tuna Steak Recipe (EDITED) President’s Message: Alaska Vacation ‘Nuff said. John Balcom, MSE, PLS, GISP Mark Lull: KML and KMZ Files I recently received an email from one of our CFedS Traverse PC users in Arizona about using KML and KMZ files (KMZ files are compressed versions of KML files) in Google Earth. This … Read More