Jim Riotto LS – Paradise, CA

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“I have been using Traverse PC for a number of years and know it’s a great program, however, I didn’t realize how very accurate the computations were, especially with regards to curves and their included / excluded areas. Had the occasion to check a final map with numerous curves along the frontage of the lots that had been compiled using AutoCAD. The number of discrepancies that were found in the curve data and the lot areas was astonishing.  Thank you … Read More

eNewsletter: August, 2015

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eNewsletter – August, 2015 President’s Message: 70% Conversion, Mark Lull: Traverse PC and Windows 10, Oliver Bochsler: Multi-Column Legend, Eric Tanikawa: The Traverse PC Website Search Tool President’s Message: 70% Conversion One of the metrics we track here at TPC is our lead conversion rate. Of those who contact us about Traverse PC for the first time, how many end up buying? So far this year, it’s 70%. So 7 of every 10 who contact us about Traverse PC purchase it right away. This varies for any … Read More

Paul W Hannan LS – Planfield, VT

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Ok, so yes I’m bragging about my daughter, but I also think Traverse P-C should be proud that they’ve made a program so easy that even a 10 year old can pick it up quickly and create her 5th grade geography project using it.  I gave her minimal instruction and helped her find the base map, but she really did this all herself.  Her “project description” up in the corner tells what she did. Paul W Hannan LS – Planfield, … Read More