Ed Barnett, Washington, Indiana

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Your instructions were very concise and accurate, as usual. I was able to create the detail drawing the first time through. I really appreciate the great support from you and John over the years. I have attached the plat. View PDF

eNewsletter: May, 2017

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eNewsletter – May, 2017 John Balcom: TPC Desktop 2017 R1 Released!, Mark Lull: CAD View Improvements, Oliver Bochsler: Traverse Reports, Eric Tanikawa: Agile Releases – A TPC Connection  Perk John Balcom: TPC Desktop 2017 R1 Released! We released TPC Desktop 2017 R1 on May 15th to our TPC Connection members. If you are on the TPC Connection, you should have already received your download instructions and we hope you are enjoying it. Agile Releases, like this one, are available only … Read More

eNewsletter: April, 2017

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eNewsletter – April, 2017 John Balcom: Another Surveyor Walks Away From CAD, Mark Lull: Drawing View Enhancements, Oliver Bochsler: Convert to Survey in the CAD View, Eric Tanikawa: Real Land Surveyor’s Corn Bread (With Smoked Bacon) John Balcom: Another Surveyor Walks Away From CAD Last week, I was on the phone with Scott, a long time TPC user. He started the conversation with , “I’m not updating my CAD program. I’m now doing all my drawings in TPC”. The week … Read More

Surveyor Needed in American Samoa

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We received the following information from one of our users in American Samoa. They are looking for a surveyor. Here is your opportunity! “I am in the process of closing down my survey business. Old age has taken it toll. “So you better understand there are only 3 licensed surveyors here in American Samoa. I am one of the three. Both of the other two work for the American Samoan Government and do not have time to do much outside … Read More

eNewsletter: March, 2017

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eNewsletter – March, 2017 John Balcom: The New TPC Desktop Learning Center We are pleased to announce the new TPC Desktop Learning Center. This is the place to come when you want to discover and evaluate TPC or learn how to use it better. We’ve combined videos, learning guides, help topics, web pages and on-line resources in one place. Organized by Functionality We’ve started with over 30 broad topics for you to choose from. Open the tab for the topic … Read More

eNewsletter: February, 2017

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eNewsletter – February, 2017 John Balcom: A Little Consistency Goes a Long Way, Mark Lull: I Told You So!, Oliver Bochsler: Leader Enhancements, Eric Tanikawa: Pennsylvania Visit and Chocolate! John Balcom: A Little Consistency Goes a Long Way We continue making TPC Desktop easier for you to learn and use. TPC Desktop 2017 (released January 30th, 2017) is no exception. It includes a number of changes implemented specifically with this goal in mind. Help When You Need It – Last … Read More

Grant Beach – Opus Stewart Weir Ltd – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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“I finally had a chance to work with TPC Desktop 2017 and boy have you guys got something special going on with this version. I found it really easy to learn and incorporate into my existing drawing. Have a look at the PDF of a job that I labeled in probably half the time it would have taken with TPC Desktop 2016. I’m really excited to work with this new version and can see why you have been pushing it … Read More

eNewsletter: January, 2017

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eNewsletter – January, 2017 Mark Lull: TPC Desktop 2017 – The Best Release Ever! Wow! What an honor! I got this entire newsletter to myself! Why? I stated in my last newsletter article that, “No other software can do what we do”. Well, as we wrap up TPC Desktop 2017 and get it ready for release, everyone here at Traverse PC keeps ribbing me for saying, “this is the best release ever”. I bring it up just about every time … Read More

Allen Yard, PLS – A. R. E. A. Surveying, First Place Plat

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Allen Yard, PLS, A. R. E. A. Surveying in Waterford, PA (AREASurveying.net) took first place in the Subdivision category of the Plat Competition at the 2016 PSLS Conference with this plat that was created in Traverse PC.  Allen is planning to submit two plats for this year’s competition and Traverse PC’s Eric Tanikawa will be there.  Good luck in the competition, Allen! View PDF

TPC Desktop 2017 Pre-Release Update Offers Available

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TPC Desktop 2017 special pre-release update offers are now available to all Traverse PC users.  It doesn’t matter if you are on version 1 or on TPC Desktop 2016 – We have a special offer for you! Eric Tanikawa, Traverse PC Sales #surveying #landsurveying #landsurvey #survey #landsurveyors #surveyors #surveyor #landsurveyor #subdivisionsurveying #constructionstaking #TitleSurvey #TopographicSurvey #topography #maps #mapping #map #cartography #topography #geodesy #cadastre #cadastral #plss #gps #dgps #gnss #rtk #traversepc