Traverse PC’s Planning Workflows – February 2018

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(1 hr 5 min) 2:35 Job Folder Subfolders for all contractors, city, client, etc 4:12 Site Survey background photos use point codes to create features 6:36 City Requirements parking, lighting, access, etc. 10:29 Parking Layout meet all city requirements use multi-point editing tools show dimensions create details 33:10 Grading & Drainage pervious / impervious areas transects & grading plan 38:46 Pavement & Curbing generate quantities for bid export CAD drawings for bid 42:34 BioSwales & Landscaping interior parking islands bio-swales and typicals landscaping non-CAD contractor drawings 49:35 Overhead … Read More

Traverse PC’s CAD Workflows – January 2018

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(50:48) Workflow Overview Simplified Workflow Drawing View Xreference Workflow Reference to Survey Layers Drawing Data Manager Tools Convert to Survey Exporting Data Drawing View Import Workflow Send/Receive Between Drawings and CAD View Workflow

What’s New in TPC Desktop 2018 – December 2017

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(42:43) CAD File Xrefs Tangent Intersections New Leader Tools Selecting and Editing Points Improvements Drawing Data Manager Improvements (If you aren’t already using the Drawing Data Manager, you’re missing out on a great tool!) LandXML Surfaces with Hidden Faces Legal Description Decimal Places Path Options in the Tasks Manager Generic Raw Data (CSV) Import/Export Improvements Groups Improvements

Traverse PC Basics – How it Works and Why it Works that Way – November 2017

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(44:56) 0:44 Point of View (Engineers vs. Surveyors, CAD vs. TPC) 3:18 All TPC Views Based on Data 4:51 Managers and Views 5:49 Tasks Manager 8:32 Points Manager 9:48 Traverses Manager 13:28 Drawings Manager 14:32 Names within your Survey 18:50 Drawing View 30:16 Traverse View 41:56 Resources Traverse PC Basics Q&A 11-15-17 (14:29) (PowerPoint Q&A 10-25-17 with live video links) Traverse PC Basics Q&A 11-16-17 (16:04) (PowerPoint Q&A 10-26-17 with live video links)

Line Label Formatting in TPC Desktop 2017 – October 2017

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How to format Line Labels with unlimited options in TPC Desktop 2017 Line Label Formatting in TPC Desktop 2017 (30:46) Line Label Formatting Q&A 10-25-17 (14:29) (PowerPoint Q&A 10-25-17 with live links) Line Label Formatting Q&A 10-26-17 (16:04) (PowerPoint Q&A 10-26-17 with live links)

What’s New in TPC Desktop 2015 – August 2017

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What’s New in TPC Desktop 2015 – (PowerPoint Presentation with live links)   Beginning with TPC Desktop 2010, TPC sports a new user interface with dockable panes and new managers. We use TPC Desktop 2015 to show it off. Updated Interface with TPC Desktop 2015 – (PowerPoint Presentation with live links)   You may need the PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft to open the PowerPoint files.  It is available as a free download from Microsoft HERE

Ed Barnett, Washington, Indiana

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Your instructions were very concise and accurate, as usual. I was able to create the detail drawing the first time through. I really appreciate the great support from you and John over the years. I have attached the plat. View PDF

Anthony Failla

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My client needed a site plan to replace an existing composite deck with a new shelter between existing tennis courts. These projects are quite simple when you take advantage of the Layers capabilities included with Traverse PC. I am able to produce quality, color drawings that make a lasting impression on my clients. The days of black lines on white paper are a thing of the past! Thank you Traverse PC! Anthony Failla, RLS, Cummings GA I have also attached … Read More

Review: Traverse PC 2010

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Bruce Anderson reviews TPC Desktop 2010 in the July 2010 issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine. Displayed with permission. Copyright 2010 Flatdog Media , Inc.

Randy Green

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“Bought a popular “CAD” program in 2004.  After two months of struggling, tossed it and bought Traverse PC…I haven’t looked back…This program does everything I need and much more”. “Tech support, if you should need it, is prompt, personal, and from the guys that wrote the program..By the way, they are surveyors also!” Randy Green, Humbolt, TN

Traverse PC in the Arctic

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Bob Holtkamp who uses Traverse PC to clean up the DEW (Defense Early Warning) line high in the arctic. December 2009 issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine,

Alligators and Snakes

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See how Donald Todd uses Traverse PC in Avoid the Alligators & Snakes . The December 2007 issue of The American Surveyor Magazine has a great article about a GLO survey in Florida.

Bechaver: Site

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I taught myself how to run TPC. I had no experience with any other CADD system, so I found it to be very surveyor friendly. We use it for every aspect of our business and have produced excellent plats”. “TPC staff has been great to work with. Billy Bechaver, Senior Survey Technician, Wachob & Wachob, Inc. Colorado City, Colorado View PDF in post.

20 Years of Traversing

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20 Years of Traversing . “Over the years, Traverse PC has found a niche with its non-CAD software, and it now celebrates 20 years in business. Oh, and they do surveying too.” September 2007 issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine

No CAD Zone

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Do Surveyors Need an Alternative to CAD? : Traverse PC and its customers talk about the No CAD Zone  Tom Gibson in the November 2006 edition of Professional Surveyor Magazine

Barry: Subdivision

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We use Traverse PC for all maps that we produce, and have found the process of preparing a map to be much more efficient than using other programs. It’s also great to use the same program on the desktop as we use for data collection in the field. The cost is reasonable also, and we have found that the ability to share the maps with architects and engineers is very useful. Dan Barry, NY & PA Licensed Land Surveyor View PDF in … Read More

Carlson: ALTA/ACSM

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See this map by Steven Carlson of Ashville, N.Y. in the April ’06 issue of The American Surveyor View PDF in post

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