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What Lies Between the Boundaries?

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Oliver Boschler, Software DevelopmentTraverse PC 2016 has jumped farther ahead of the rest of the pack with the release of R1 in April. This release has added the ability to compute medial lines on a closed loop traverse! It’s one of best tools I’ve developed for TPC and I had a lot of fun with it.

This is a very easy routine to use. Simply provide a point label and an optional description and press compute. TPC takes care of the rest. We have a really awesome sample file; “Learn Medial Lines.trv”. It demos medial lines on a geo-referenced survey so you can try it for yourself and see this routine in action.

TPC uses a series of algorithms that produce and then filter out unnecessary data which gives us the final set of points representing all the medial points for a boundary. From those points TPC creates an additional traverse that lays out the medial line. Not all the points will be included in the medial line; there are some points that aren’t as ‘optimal’ as others. TPC will always make the decision as to the optimality of points, but you always have the opportunity to adjust the medial line with a great, graphic editing tool!

TPC Desktop 2016 R1 has much more to offer than just the medial lines, but as the developer of the medial lines routine, I can’t help but talk about it!
Check out all the other great new features in TPC Desktop 2016 R1 and don’t forget to watch the videos that show these features in action!

Oliver Bochsler, Software Development


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