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Customer Stories

Leland Fischer, PLS, USFS – Retiring in January, 2019

Leland Fischer PLS USFS and Traverse PC

“Friends at Traverse PC, “Just wanted let you all know that I will retire on January 3rd after nearly 41 years with the Forest Service.  Traverse PC has been a part of my Land Surveying Tool box since late 1987 or early 1988.  The first version (DOS) I ran on a 20 megabyte hard drive PC.  Those were the days.  Thanks for developing a great tool (software package) that has assisted me in providing 1st class products to my Forest Service clients. “Again thank you for your support and those occasional personal interactions on the phone, conferences and workshops.  Also, I thought I would share a photo of myself decked out in Traverse PC bling.” Leland Fischer, PLS, U.S. Forest Service, Wenatchee, WA

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It’s got everything I need to do all my projects

ALTA Hawthorne 171219A

“I strictly run TPC and nothing else. Got rid of my other products years ago. It’s got everything I need to do all my projects. It’s always up-to-date, so delivering to clients in other formats has never been an issue.” Sergio J. A. Sanchez, LSIT  

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Gary Ganjon and Keith Heindel Take TWO First Place Ribbons!

Gary Ganjon and Keith Heindel of Hanover Land Services in Westminster, MD

Congratulations to Gary Ganjon and Keith Heindel of Hanover Land Services in Westminster, MD for taking TWO first place ribbons in the plat competition at the Maryland Society of Surveyors Fall Conference 2018! They took first place in the ALTA/NSPS category as well as in the Location Drawings category with their drawings from TPC Desktop! “When opening our new land surveying business in the fall of 2007, we made the choice to go with a major survey software provider based on an AutoCAD engine. After a whole day of struggling to get a finished drawing out for our client, we loaded up a trial version of Traverse PC v8.0 (TPC) and within 4 hours, we were signing and sealing a final plan for delivery. “Since that time, we have continued to grow our company utilizing TPC. Whether our finished product is a mortgage survey,

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John Lewis and Stan Clement – Meadows of Dan, VA

John says, “Stan won’t let me do any of the drawings because he likes doing it in TPC so much. We love using TPC. It has made our business great.” John Lewis and Stan Clement of Fork Mountain Surveying and Mapping in Meadows of Dan, Virginia

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Patrick A. McGannon, Registered Professional Surveyor, Ohio

“To all of the staff at Traverse PC: Thank you so much for having the webinars and including the CEU certificates, especially for those who are TPC Connection members. The saving alone for me, vs. other seminars and classes,  has more than paid for the entire cost of  having the TPC Connection, and is far more beneficial to my surveying practice by learning something that I can apply to my practice immediately and in the future.” Patrick A. McGannon,  Registered Professional Surveyor, Ohio

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Jack Kesler Trains BLM for Lode Mining Claims

I am a Mineral Surveyor and have been one for some time. The BLM retained me to teach BLM surveyors at the National training center in Phoenix the methods of dependent resurveys of Lode mining claims. I put the plat together as a demo for my talks and lectures on how to follow the notes. It also served as a lead in to why TPC is perfectly suited for surveyors of all types. The NTS training sessions were designed to explain how the original MS surveys were executed in reality to aid the BLM surveyors in their dependent resurveys. Most of the dependent surveys here in our county were done poorly with reference to compass rule relocation as opposed to the grant boundary method. I worked for a Mineral Surveyor while at the University of Arizona. I received my appointment in the early 1980’s.

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Anthony Cavell Explains Traverses

“Traverse PC is perhaps the most innovative survey/analysis/drawing software by NOT trying to innovate (change) how surveys are done! It uses data in groups, made logically as a surveyor thinks, called ‘TRAVERSES’. It increases the surveyor’s confidence, drawing accuracy, and in the end, productivity.” J. Anthony Cavell, PLS, CFedS, Baton Rouge, LA

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Patrick A. McGannon: Phrase Driven Legal Descriptions

“To all of the staff at Traverse P.C. : I had to take a moment to thank you all, for the great new feature, Phrase Driven Legal Descriptions. This is the most powerful and complete legal description writing program, included with any survey software I have ever seen. The description writing feature is a real time saver and eliminates all of those annoying typographic errors. My time in preparing a legal description, in my own style, has decreased by over 70%. Once again thank you so much.” Patrick A. McGannon, Registered Professional Surveyor, Ohio

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Ben Yanez, RLS  – Globe, AZ

“Traverse PC is a great company to work with and they produce the best software for land surveyors. First, the software is made specifically for land surveying, organizing survey data such as points, traverses and drawings far better than any CAD program can do. The more complicated the project, the more Traverse PC software rises above the competition. Also, the customer service is outstanding. They are very responsive to customer input and also provide individualized help in using the software. The software is constantly being updated with new features. I cannot say enough good things about this company.” Ben Yanez, RLS  – Globe, AZ  

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James C. “Pete” Rawls  – Winnesboro, LA

“Traverse PC is a great cogo and drafting software; developed with the land surveyor in mind. I would not want to go back to the “big boy” cadd package I used for years. Updates and improvements are frequent. Customer support is second to none.” James C. “Pete” Rawls  – Winnesboro, LA

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David Waddell: Wow!

“WOW!!!! What can’t you do with TPC?” (David just finished attending our FREE December Webinar) David Waddell, Placerville CA

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Robert C Hines  – Eugene, OR

“I highly recommend Traverse PC. Great support and always updating to support the users. I have used this software for years with my previous employer and now will be using it as my go-to platform for my new private practice startup.” Robert C Hines  – Eugene, OR

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Sam Harris, PLS  – Taylors, SC

“Traverse PC has developed cutting edge land survey drawing software that is an excellent alternative to CAD.” Samuel Harris, PLS  – Taylors, SC

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Jack Gechter: US – Mexico Broder

“I have been a Traverse PC User for a few years and HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT…  I LOVE IT BECAUSE: TPC Desktop isn’t another CAD program with land surveying tacked-on. It’s point based land surveying software that starts with my survey data and ends with a very professional drawing.  It’s the No CAD Zone®.” Jack Gechter PLS, Chula Vista, CA

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R Scott Sexton, PLS – Fairbanks, AK

“I Use Traverse PC Pro and the people I deal with are always helpful. I also like the software for Survey Work and they are always improving the software.” Scott Sexton, PLS  – Fairbanks, AK  

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Jim Henry – Tumwater, WA

“They are easy to use and have a great support team to back up their product.” Jim Henry – Tumwater, WA

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John Montes De Oca – Chula Vista, CA

“It’s a NO-CAD zone written by Land Surveyors for Professional Land Surveyors doing business. Great Staff and full Technical Support with option to have private sessions from anywhere you have internet access… Affordable and once purchased it’s yours for life! AutoCad is expensive and Civil Software needs to be purchased to work for you & you have to renew licenses to operate every year! Traverse PC has been in business for 30 years ! It’s the best investment for Engineering and Survey Companies and it pays for itself… after 1 or 2 Survey Contracts!!! John Montes De Oca – Chula Vista, CA

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Mike Kaiser – Glasgow, MT

“TPC is easy to understand and use . The tech help and on-line videos are great. There different options to arrive at the correct solution. Was developed by surveyors for surveyors!” Mike Kaiser – Glasgow, MT

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Jerry Mahun – Cuba City, WI

“Traverse PC software’s high degree of customization allows it to adapt to the surveyor instead of the other way around. It is an intuitive package as well as a powerful one. The software reflects that it is developed by surveyors for surveyors. It’s not without its faults, but the developers are continually refining the software and take into account user feedback. Technical support is excellent – response is fast, clear, and courteous.” Jerry Mahun – Cuba City, WI

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Bill O’Hara, Cedar Creek, TX

I bought the Traverse PC Desktop Professional Edition in 2016 soon after beginning my consulting practice. I called and spoke with owner and founder John Balcom to place my order. Technical work and drafting are not my strong suits but this surveying software is a complete package and does everything I need as a Texas surveyor. My practice frequently involves retracement of original surveys, all reported in varas. Traverse PC recently added varas to its list of units making it super easy to enter data in varas and calculate in varas. No more converting back and forth outside the program. They did this for their customers in Texas! Can’t say enough good things about Mark Lull in Support at Traverse PC. Help is only a phone call or email away and I always get the help I need when I need it. This is

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