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eNewsletter: October, 2015

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eNewsletter – October, 2015

eNewsletter - October, 2015Temporary Office Closure, President’s Message: Tell Someone About Traverse PC!, Eric Tanikawa: Clarifying TPC’s Single User License, Oliver Bochsler: Google Earth Enhancements Coming in 2016!, Mark Lull: How to Stay Up-to-Date with Traverse PC

Temporary Office Closure:

Our offices will be closed from 11 AM to 2 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) from Monday, October 19th through Friday, October 23rd for meetings.

John Balcom, President, MSE, PLS, GISPPresident’s Message: Tell Someone About Traverse PC!

Most of our sales come from word of mouth. Someone who uses TPC tells someone else about it and they buy it. We track that here at Traverse PC as a referral. It happens a lot. We appreciate those of you who are referring TPC already, and we want to make it easier for the rest of you to join in.

That’s why we created a new Referring Traverse PC web page.

Contact Form – The key is to use our Contact form (which is available on the Referring Traverse PC web page as well as on the Contact web page) and make sure you are listed in the new Referred By field. We’ll keep track of your referral, so that when they buy TPC, we know who to compensate – you!

Compensation – See how you can be compensated for 1) telling someone about TPC, 2) taking the time to show them how TPC works or 3) seeing them all the way through purchasing TPC.

Resources Tab – We included information on available TPC resources you can share with someone. These are all available on our web site, so referring TPC is as simple as including a link to a TPC web resource in an email.

Presentations Tab – You’ll find a suggestion or two on how you might present TPC at your local chapter meeting or state conference and get credit for the referrals or sales you generate. We’ve had great success sharing the on-line videos, either from our web site or our YouTube channel. Consider building your next presentation using some of these videos and maybe a sample of one of your own TPC surveys.

Hardly a day goes by without someone calling us out of the blue, asking what TPC can do for them. They want to know. Maybe, you can tell them.

John Balcom, President, MSE, PLS, GISP

Eric Tanikawa - Traverse PC SalesEric Tanikawa: Clarifying TPC’s Single User License

We continue to get questions about how many computers you can install TPC on and who can run them. Most of the questions originate from what we call our Courtesy License. So we did a little work to clarify what you can and can’t do with TPC’s Single User License.

You can find it all on our web site under the License tab of our Support page.

Single User License
When you buy a copy of Traverse PC, you are purchasing a single user license which allows one person at a time to use that license. If two or more people need to run Traverse PC at the same time, you need to purchase an additional license for each person or switch to a network license. Please refer to our License Agreement for more information.

Courtesy License
You can request a courtesy license so that you can install Traverse PC on a second computer (home computer, laptop you take into the field, etc.). You can then run Traverse PC on either computer as needed. But remember, this is a single user license. Allowing two people to run a single user license of Traverse PC on two computers at the same time is a violation of the License Agreement.

Network License
Network licenses can be purchased for as few as three (3) seats and provide flexible options for sharing the network licenses among any number of users in your office / company. Please refer to our Licensing Guide for more information.

I hope that answered all of your questions about Traverse PC licenses, but if not, give me a call.

Eric Tanikawa, Sales

Oliver Boschler - Traverse PC Software DeveloperOliver Bochsler: Google Earth Enhancements Coming in 2016!

With the release of TPC Desktop 2015 R1, we added KML files to the list of supported file filters that we can export and import. TPC 2015 R1 supports exporting and importing traverses, points, and surfaces, but we didn’t stop there. The release of TPC 2015 R2 continued the support of KML and added support for KMZ files. Other improvements were made as well.

As every good car owner knows, maintenance is the key to a vehicle’s longevity and performance. The same is true of software so we spent time greasing TPC’s KML/KMZ zerks to keep things rolling smoothly for you. With the year starting to fade in the rearview mirror,  you’re probably chomping at the bit wondering, “What will they do to improve KML/KMZ in TPC 2016 R0?”

Click to view the image full-size
KML File with Filled Traverses - SmallSome people like to use solid or percent fills in their lots. This is great because TPC will be able export those fills to Google Earth. When you’re exporting lots with fills, the KML/KMZ settings dialog has a check box to denote wanting to export the fills and a slider to set the opacity of the solid fills. Percent fills will use their percent as the opacity value. Don’t forget about importing; lots with fills can of course be brought back into TPC and they will appear the same as when they were exported. Pretty neat huh?

Sideshots will also be supported on both import and export.

Lot labels tagged for a traverse being exported will be displayed in Google Earth as a yellow pushpin placemark in the center of the lot. It will contain the lot labels tagged from the Traverse Drawing View Settings dialog.

We’ve worked hard to bring more KML/KMZ features into Traverse PC. I love to hear about people who are bringing this geodetic art piece into their office and loving it. It makes me excited to continue support and to continue programming new KML/KMZ features into Traverse PC. When the year finally turns keep your ears open and your eyes peeled for the new version of Traverse PC Desktop set to be in January of 2016.

Oliver Bochsler, Software Developer

Mark Lull - Traverse PC Technical SupportMark Lull: How to Stay Up-to-Date with Traverse PC

Traverse PC RSS FeedWe just added an RSS feed to the Traverse PC website! (The button you see here will take you to an RSS Feed page on our website.) We’re pretty excited about this for a few reasons.First, it allows you (the user) to have a one-stop portal for news about what’s going on at TPC. Second, it simplifies the sharing of TPC news on all of the social media platforms. (We currently share our RSS feed posts automatically on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+) Third, I hope to see a tool inside your Traverse PC program that will let you see the posts right there, whenever you want.

So, what is RSS? Believe it or not, it stands for Really Simple Syndication. OK, clear enough? It’s simple way for people to see the news they want to see. I’m sure you’ve all seen Microsoft’s or Yahoo’s news feeds. Those rely on RSS feeds from various sources. That’s what we’ve added to our website.

So if you’re not familiar with RSS feeds, you may be asking yourself how you can access it without going onto our social media sites like Facebook (countless users have emphatically told me that they DON’T use social media). There are numerous ways to access RSS feeds from many different websites. What you choose to use will probably depend on which web browser you use (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.). You can usually find a browser plug-in for RSS feeds but each browser has different plug-ins. There are also stand-alone RSS feed readers available. You can find more information about this on our Support page.

Check out TPC’s RSS feed.  I think you’ll find it useful.  It’s at http://traverse-pc.com/feed/

Mark Lull, Technical Support