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eNewsletter: September, 2015

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eNewsletter – September, 2015

President’s Message: Using the Drawing Data Manager, Mark Lull: Point Codes and Attributes,
Oliver Bochsler: Are You Ready for a Network License?, Eric Tanikawa: There’s the Snap! It’s on the Way! And… It’s Good!

John Balcom, President, MSE, PLS, GISP

President’s Message: Using the Drawing Data Manager

A TPC user recently wanted to place a lightly shaded rectangle behind their legend but then the legend disappeared. The fix was simple. The rectangle needed to be behind the legend in the drawing order. So we took him right to the Drawing Data Manager, identified the rectangle and moved it backward using the drawing order tools until he got what he wanted.

Another TPC user had inserted a number of background photos into his drawing. Once he got them georeferenced to the survey, he wanted to ignore them, but the cursor still reacted to a couple of them. So we took him right to the Drawing Data Manager, expanded the 0 layer, identified the photos that were inadvertently inserted onto it and moved them to the Background layer with the other photos.

I find myself using the Drawing Data Manager more and more for my own surveys and directing TPC users to it as we figure out an otherwise hard to solve problem. So in TPC Desktop 2015 Release 2, we improved the Drawing Data Manager to make it even more useful.

First, we made it faster by only retrieving the drawing data for the nodes you expose. Expand a layer, and TPC goes out and gets the data for that layer. For really large drawings, this makes the Drawing Data Manager much more response.

Next, we added the ability to expand individual polylines and groups. Open a layer with a polyline you imported from Google Earth KML and expand the polyline to see the points in it. Or expand a group to see what objects are in it, and even edit them individually.

Finally, we improved the way it synchronizes with the other views. It now updates more often as you tag and untag traverses, move objects between layers and edit objects in your drawing.

If you already using the Drawing Data Manager, you’ll notice the improvements right off the bat the next time you open it. If you aren’t using the Drawing Data Manager yet, now is a great time to take a look at it and so you can put it to use the next time you have a drawing problem to solve.

John Balcom, MSE, PLS, GISP

Mark Lull, Technical Support Manager

Mark Lull: Point Codes and Attributes

If you aren’t using Traverse PC’s Point Codes feature to automate the drawing process, you’re missing out and with the just-released TPC Desktop 2015 R2, they just got better.

For years, TPC has provided Point Codes to help you turn your field data into a finished product (refer to the Learning Guide Point Codes chapter). TPC sorts points into traverses using their Point Codes and copies Traverse Drawing Settings from the codes to their traverses, automatically defining symbols, line types, colors, labels and lots more. In almost no time at all, your map can be partially drawn just using Point Codes.

Until now, TPC only looked for Point Codes in point Descriptions. Now, with TPC 2015 R2, TPC can look for Point Codes in point Attributes as well. This is important for those of you sharing data via LandXML files which use Attributes and with some data collectors that store codes in Attributes instead of Descriptions. Now you can use both.

Update Point Codes dialog boxThe new Update Point Codes dialog box and the new Sort Points by Code dialog box allow you to choose Descriptions, Attributes or both and you can format your traverses as well as the Points Manager to display Descriptions and Attributes as well.

This is just one more way that we are extending the capabilities of TPC for our TPC Connection members.  Remember that these Agile Releases are only available to the TPC Connection members so if you aren’t already on it, this is a great time to Get Connected.

Mark Lull, Technical Support Manager

Mark Lull, Technical Support Manager

Oliver Bochsler: Are You Ready for a Network License?

Depending on the number of people in your office and the number of people using Traverse PC, you may benefit from a network license.

Instead of having each user install TPC on their computer, you can install TPC onto a file server / license server and have all users run TPC from the network location. This means that you only need to maintain TPC in a single location rather than having to update multiple work-stations.

You may also be able to reduce the number of licenses of Traverse PC that you need. For example, if you have six people in your office who use TPC, but not all at the same time, a three-seat network license might be work for you because any of the six people can run the program as long as no more than three of them are using it at one time. If it turns out that three isn’t enough, you simply let us know and purchase an additional license.

Another benefit of a network license is the Commuter License. This allows a user to ‘check out’ and ‘check in’ a license from the license server to run on a stand-alone computer like a field notebook. It’s like borrowing a license for a some amount of time and then giving it back to the server so the license can be used by someone else. With commuter licenses you can check out a license and leave the office! This will reduce the number of licenses available to other users currently at the office by one, but once you return and check in the license, the maximum number of licenses will be available again.

So, is your office ready for a Network License?

Oliver Bochsler, Software Developer

Eric Tanikawa, Business Manager

Eric Tanikawa: There’s the Snap! It’s on the Way! And… It’s Good!

The Football season is HERE! Youth, High School, College and the Professional! Is your fantasy football team ready? Time to rake in the points! Well, I hope Traverse PC’s TPC Connection is part of your survey team because those who are TPC Connection members already received TPC 2015 R2! We have just added more features such as; Google Earth KMZ (Import/Export), Multi-Column Legends, Parcel Location Labels, enhanced Point Codes and more!

The TPC Desktop 2015 R2 release is definitely an “extra point” for our TPC Connection members! Plus, members receive on-line training and unlimited, priority technical support. They’re just more of the added value and benefits we provide to our TPC Connection members.

Eric Tanikawa, Business Manager