Work Like You Think

TPC isn’t another CAD program with surveying cobbled on. It’s Land Surveying Software…From Your Point of View.

It thinks like you. Points, surfaces, boundaries, alignments, drawings, coordinate reference systems, least squares, COGO, closures, CAD files and the list goes on.

It has everything you need… and nothing you don’t.

It’s instinctive and intuitive.

It makes sense.

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Optimize Your Workflows

It starts with your data… and ends with your drawings.

We mean that in TPC. You can bring up your data any time in the Points Manager, Traverse View, Closure View… You get the point.  You can access your data. Any time.

And everything is built in. There are no add-on or modules. Just pick the Edition that’s right for you and jump in.

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Daniel L. Barry Land Surveyor LLC - Plat of Minor Subdivision
Daniel L. Barry Land Surveyor LLC – Plat of Minor Subdivision

Make Drawing Quick

If you send too much time drawing your survey, TPC will be a breath of fresh air. You enter the data, and TPC does the drawing with our Quick View™ technology.

Smart Drawing Objects™ – like tables, legends, title blocks, scale bars update themselves automatically. You never have to update them manually.

100% Data Association – finish your drawing, then make a small change to a lot, line or point and the drawing updates automatically to reflect the change – areas, distance, bearing, etc.

Drawing Templates – a single template can be use for any size or orientation.

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You’ll be so happy with TPC You might want to throw yourself a party!

Easy to Learn and Use

We talk to people every day who don’t want to spend months trying to learn complicate CAD software that costs more than they want to spend, does stuff they don’t need and is is way too complicated to use

You can learn TPC in hours not months. In a few day, you’ll be really good at it.

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Total Cost of Ownership

Here at Traverse PC, we understand that buying software is just the beginning of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

So we always provide an update path, even if your version of TPC is really old.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)