This video introduces you to entering a lot traverse in TPC Desktop.

0:54 Changing Traverse Settings for selected traverses

1:00 Add Lot 5 to the Traverse Manager – use the New Traverse dialog to select the format and settings.

2:43 Recalling existing points in the new traverse – shares a line with Lot 4

3:15 Unique of points and lines in TPC – there can only be one line between points 10 and 9

4:20 Extending a line, using equations like 8..9 to recall a bearing

5:00 Synchronization – lines appear in Drawing View as you enter them in the Traverse View

5:51 Use COGO Intersect to extend a line to the intersection of a curve

9:00 Using the View button in a COGO dialog to preview the computation

9:39 Updating existing point with the computed coordinates from the intersection

10:00 Position of point 12 is automatically updated in the drawing

10:50 Entering a curve radius in the Traverse View – you see all your data, all the time

12:50 Checking the lot closure in the Closure View and the Traverse Manager

14:30 Creating a Legal Description for the lot we just entered

15:31 Learning Guide chapter: Creating Traverses – learn how to do what we just did in this video

  • Video Series Introduction
  • Title Entering a lot Traverse
  • TPC Version 2010 and later
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