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Window’s Shadow Copies

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Oliver Boschler, Software DevelopmentWe have always advocated safe computing, backups, virus scanners, firewalls and whatever else helps keep your computing experience fun and safe. We give you tools that let your time using Traverse PC be safe and fun. For example The Multiple Backups tool gives you the ability to save up to 10 versions of your survey. It turns out that Windows has a feature like this but for your system files! Let us talk about it…

What are Shadow copies? Shadow Copies allow a file to have older versions of itself saved in case of a situation where a previous version of the file needs to be recovered. The benefit here is that Windows takes care of the details! The only thing you need to do is right-click a file you want to recover, click Properties, and go to the Previous Versions tab. File versions and their corresponding save date will be listed.

How do you know if Shadow Copies are working? Windows has some settings allowing you to alter how and when shadow copies work. It depends on the version of Windows you have but I will give the basic location for Shadow Copy settings. Open the Windows Control Panel, go to the File History section to find Shadow Copy settings and Advanced settings. The Settings allow you to change how often copies are saved and how long to keep the saved copies.

In addition to the Multiple Backups that Traverse PC provides, windows will end up saving Shadow copies of the TRV files (your survey files) in your survey folder. So if TPC’s Multiple Backup feature doesn’t have the version of your survey you’re trying to recover, you can always look at the file’s Shadow Copies. We want you to know that you always have options when it comes to recovering files.

Oliver Bochsler, Software Development


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