We want you to have TPC Desktop 2015 absolutely Free!!

We have never done this before (give away a free update) and we may not do it for long, but this is Traverse PC’s 30-year anniversary. And we want to say thank you for being a part of Traverse PC.

We want you to try some of the great new things we’ve been working on absolutely Free! TPC Desktop 2015 contains the LandXML interface so you can share data with the Civil3D folks and the new Automatic Lot Setback tool. You’ll find these in our new Learning Center where we combine videos, help topics, workflow samples and lots more to help you learn and use Traverse PC.

We ask that you fill out the form on this page so we can stay in touch and continue to provide software that meets your needs. We’ll verify your current version of TPC, process your Free update and email you the download link.

Thank you for using Traverse PC!

John Balcom MSE, LS, GISP
Traverse PC, Inc.

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