TPC Desktop Learning GuideseReader (MOBI or EPUB) Files $50

We are very excited about the TPC Desktop Learning Guides. They present over 60 short “Learning Units” on the things our users ask about most and with which they’ve been most impressed.

Most chapters are just 7 or 8 pages to fit easily into your busy day and each page covers another bite-sized piece of the Unit. So whether you just read through the Guide or actually sit down and work through each Learning Unit on your computer, you’ll pick up those little pearls that will help build your TPC skills.

The TPC Connection includes all formats!

Learning Guides

Take a look at them now – they’re on-line

Introduction This little booklet introduces you to some of the unique features of TPC Desktop like Traverses, Quick View, Drawings, Smart Drawing Objects and more. It’s an easy read and so helpful as you get started with TPC.
Learning Guide Learn the basics like importing data from a data collector, using COGO,adding a legend to a drawing, etc.
Drawing Learning Guide Learn how to create drawings using our Quick View™ technology. Leave the hassles of CAD behind.
Import/Export Learning Guide Learn how to import, export and work with various file types from various sources within Traverse PC.
Geodetic Learning Guide Learn how to survey on the ellipsoid or at ground distance in addition to the grid.
Cadastral Learning Guide TPC includes tools to work with the Public Lands Survey System (PLSS).
Plat Checking TPC includes tools to quickly check a plat from any source.

How They Help You

You’ll love the easy-to-absorb format the Learning Guides use

  • Clearly stated tasks demonstrated in the chapter.
  • A .TRV file you can open to get started quickly.
  • A single page for each task, making the concept easy-to-absorb.
  • Concise 1, 2, 3. steps.
  • Lots of pictures saying, “Your screen should look like this.”
  • Hints about where to find more information in the On-Line help files.


The Learning Guide Set is available in four formats – All four are included with the TPC Connection

  • Adobe PDF – Included with the Traverse PC program (you can access the PDF eLearning Guides from the Tasks Manager in Traverse PC Desktop).
  • eReader (MOBI format) – Available for purchase and are included with the TPC ConnectionMOBI format files are typically used for Amazon Kindle eReaders and for some Android based phones and tablets.
  • eReader (EPUB format) – Available for purchase and are included with the TPC ConnectionEPUB format files are typically used for Barnes and Noble Nook eReaders, iPads, iPhones and Sony eReaders.