TPC Desktop Software SubscriptionsYou can purchase a  Subscription for any Edition of TPC Desktop.

Subscriptions let you use TPC Desktop for the subscription period. You have all the features and benefits of whatever Edition you purchase.  So go ahead and tackle those surveys, producing all the maps, plats, reports and notes required to bill the client. For a low monthly fee up front, you can move forward by leaps and bounds.

Plus you get membership in our TPC Connection during the subscription.  Need help?  Call our technical support line or use our on-line support form. Need Training? Schedule a training session.  You get the picture. We want you to be successful with TPC, so we’re there for you all the way.

With a subscription

  • You pay a monthly subscription fee based on the Edition you choose.
  • You purchase increments of 3 months at a time.
  • You get all the benefits of the TPC Connection except the gift.
  • You get the latest version of TPC Desktop – the same one our TPC Connection members get.

Subscriptions differ from Perpetual licenses as follows

  • You don’t own the software anytime during or after the subscription.
  • Subscriptions do not accrue toward ownership of the software.
  • Subscriptions run on just one computer. Courtesy licenses are not available.

Learning TPC during the subscription

People ask us all the time, “How long does it take to learn TPC?”

Good news!  Most people learn TPC in a couple of evenings or a weekend. Then they are up and running. Something that just can’t happen with CAD based software.