Are you ready for a network license?

Depending on the number of people in your office and the number of people using Traverse PC, you may benefit from a network license.

Single User License

When you buy a copy of Traverse PC, you are purchasing a single user license which allows one person at a time to use that license. If two or more people need to run Traverse PC at the same time, you need to purchase an additional license for each person or switch to a network license. See License Agreement.

Outgrowing Your Single User License

As soon as someone else in your office needs to run TPC the same time you do, you’ve outgrown your single user license. Traverse PC does allow you install a single user license on a computer that can be used by more than one person, but does not allow you to install a single user license on two or more computers that can be used by two or more people simultaneously. That would be a violation of the single user license agreement.

So as you can see, you can outgrow your single user license. At that point, you can purchase additional single user licenses, each of which can be used by only one person at a time, or you can consider a network license.

Network License

A network license provides a set number of simultaneous users (minimum 3 seats), referred to as concurrent licenses. You can install TPC on any number of computers, but a license server restricts the number of concurrent licenses running at any given time.

Fewer Licenses

You may also be able to reduce the number of licenses of Traverse PC that you need. For example, if you have six people in your office who use TPC, but not all at the same time, a three-seat network license might be work for you because any of the six people can run the program as long as no more than three of them are using it at one time. If it turns out that three isn’t enough, you simply let us know and purchase an additional license.

Less Maintenance

Instead of having each user install TPC on their computer, you can install TPC onto a file server / license server and have all users run TPC from the network location. This means that you only need to maintain TPC in a single location rather than having to update multiple work-stations. When it comes time to install an update, this means you install the update just once, on the file server, and everyone is using the same, updated version of TPC.

Commuter License

Another benefit of a network license is the Commuter License. This allows a user to ‘check out’ and ‘check in’ a license from the license server to run on a stand-alone computer like a field notebook. It’s like borrowing a license for a some amount of time and then giving it back to the server so the license can be used by someone else. With commuter licenses you can check out a license and leave the office! This will reduce the number of licenses available to other users currently at the office by one, but once you return and check in the license, the maximum number of licenses will be available again.

Read more about network licenses in our Licensing Guide.

So, is your office ready for a Network License?

Example: Private Surveyor

Let’s say that you own one single user license of TPC, but you want to expand two ways. First, you plan to hire a crew chief who can do site surveys and topos on their own, field to finish, and you want them to use TPC because it is easy to learn and use. And second, you want your front desk person to start helping with some research and drafting and CAD is simply out of the question.

You could purchase two additional single user licenses, or you could purchase the minimum 3-seat network license. Now, all three of you could run TPC at the same time. And if you need to expand further, additional people could check out one of the three concurrent network licenses as needed, still allowing three people in the office to run TPC concurrently.

That’s what a network license does for you.

Example: Engineering Company

Let’s say that you are an engineering company, and use Civil3D for your engineering work, but you need real surveying software for your survey crews. You’ve already spent a lot of money on Civil3D and you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for eight more copies of some surveying software.

You could purchase the minimum 3-seat network license and give TPC a try. We recommend purchasing the TPC Connection and letting us help train your survey crews how to use TPC. Now, three of them at a time can run TPC as they learn and use it. Re-evaluate a few months down the road and add additional seats to your original network license. Now some of them can check out a commuter license when they work out of town while the rest continue to run the network licenses on site.