Closing Angle

You can include a closing angle with a traverse, which TPC can then use to compute the angular error and balance angles.

Editing the Closing Angle

To manually enter a closing angle in the Closure View, choose Edit, Closure Settings, Closing Angle. TPC will display the Closing Angle dialog.

The dialog includes details about how to enter the closing angle and correct closing direction.

Automatic Closing Angle

By including the closing angle in the traverse, you can have TPC establish the closing angle automatically. By using an =[point] in the point description, you can implement automatic closure settings on just about any data collector or total station.

Angular Error Computation

TPC does not do the classic text book computation of adding up interior angles and comparing it with an equation using the number of angles. Instead, TPC computes a closing direction and you supply a correct direction. The two are compared to compute the angular error.

This provides the following advantages


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