Corner Offsets (COGO)

You can create two offsets (reference points) at each corner of a construction feature like a foundation or footing. The offset points use the point label of the corner with the letters A and B appended (i.e. point 12 creates the offset points 12A and 12B). The corners you are offsetting must be in a traverse so that the traverse sequence can be used to generate the offsets.

The offset points are added to the traverse as side shots from each corner. The offset distances can then be edited in the Traverse View, creating offsets at varying distances.

TPC computes the offsets and address them to the traverse. If the Traverse View for that traverse is open, you will see the offset points appear as side shots. If that traverse is tagged in the current drawing and side shots are turned on, you will see the offsets appear in the drawing.

Changing the Offset Distances

This routine creates all the offsets at the same distance. Because they are inserted into the traverse as side shots, you can easily change their offset distances. One way is to edit the side shot distances for the offset points in the Traverse View. Another is to right click the offset point you want to change in either the Traverse View or the drawing and choose COGO | Compute Coordinates.

Offsetting Multiple Traverses

If you have a number of traverses you want to offset, select them in the Traverses Manager then from the What list in the Corner Offsets dialog choose 'X Selected items in the Traverses Manager' where X is the number of traverses you selected. Corner offsets will be created for each selected traverse.

Copy Any Existing Corner Descriptions to Offsets

Turn this toggle on to copy any descriptions from a corner point to the offset points created from that corner.


Removes the corner offsets you created with the previous Compute.


Choose this button to execute the command and create the offsets.


Add information about the offsets that were computed to the current report.


Closes the dialog.

Grid vs Ground / Geodetic

Offsets are computed based on the distance type of each traverse.

For example, if a traverse is formatted for ground distance at project elevation, offset distances will be ground distance at project elevation.


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