Offset Interval (Cogo) / True Line Offset

This routine can be refered to as Offset Interval or True Line Offset.

This is the COGO routine you will use to post a line. It computes the offsets of points to a line defined by a point and a direction. It's like the Offset to Alignment COGO routine for just a single tangent.

Save Offsets as Side Shots (option)

TPC computes the offset points and saves each one as a side shot from the original points. The side shot points have the same point label as the original point, but there is an 'OFS' added on.

Create a New Traverse (option)

TPC computes the offset points and saves them to their own traverse. The new traverse name starts with 'Offset Interval:', followed by the original traverse name.

Printing the Offset Report

To adjust the column widths of this report, choose Tools, Program Settings, Widths from the TPC Desktop. Enter the Label, Angle, Distance and Description widths you want. TPC uses these widths in a number of reports.


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