The rotation dialog box can be accessed from the Traverses Manager, Traverse View, Drawing View and Points Manager. From the Traverses Manager it gives you the option to rotate All Traverses or Selected Traverses. Accessed from the Traverse View or Points Manager, you can only rotate All Points or Selected Points. Accessed from the Drawing View, you can only rotate the Entire Survey.

Rotating the Survey

Every point in the survey will be rotated around the specified point of rotation. Protected points will not be rotated unless you choose [x] Protected Points.

Rotating Selected Traverses

This ability to select traverses is a very powerful feature of TPC. In this case, you may need to rotate two traverses based on one survey to the basis of bearing to which the rest of the survey is oriented.

Rotating a Single Traverse from Drawing View

Rotating a Single Traverse from the Traverse View

Rotating Selected Points

Grid vs Geodetic

The Rotation dialog does not require the distance and direction types to match. TPC always does a grid rotation. It computes the pre-rotation grid azimuth, adds the rotation degrees to it and recomputes a new grid position based on the post-rotation grid azimuth.

TPC uses the direction type of the Rotation dialog to display the appropriate azimuths or bearings used for the rotation, but relies on the grid rotation for the computations. The distance type of the dialog is not used in the rotation computation.


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