Using Autosave

Autosave is a powerful ally in protecting your survey data.

The Autosave feature creates a file for each TRV file with a TRA extension. Each time TPC autosaves your survey, it overwrites the Autosave file - keeping it current as you work. If you exit TPC due to a power failure or program error, the Autosave file holds your most current data. When you re-run TPC, it prompts you to load the Autosave file. Choose Yes to load the most current Autosave data.

The Autosave is completely separate from your survey file. To update your original TRV file or create a new one, you still need to choose File | Save Survey. Autosave does not do the data validation that File | Save Survey does.

Setting the Autosave Time

To adjust the Autosave time interval, choose Program Settings in the TPC Desktop Tools menu and go to the Survey Data tab. Make sure [X] Timed Autosave Every is turned on and set the interval. The default interval is 10 minutes.

Setting Autosave Events

You can also tell TPC to autosave before any input/output operations like printing, plotting and transferring data. These operations are often vulnerable to system configurations outside the control of TPC. To enable this feature, choose Program Settings in the TPC Desktop Tools menu and go to the Survey Data tab. Turn on [X] Autosave Before I/O.

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