Importing Data

When you import data, you bring data into the survey. TPC creates a traverse to store the sequence of imported points and any raw data included with them. Any points that are imported or created from the imported data are added to the Points Manager.

TPC supports a number of different import formats including ASCII coordinates, SDR, TDS, Leica (Wild), DC1Z and DXF. Each format has its own settings that allow you to control how the data is imported. imported has the same point label as an existing point in the survey, TPC tries to resolve the point label. It checks to see if the description and coordinates match, and if so, assumes the points are the same. If not, TPC creates a unique point label based on the matching point label (i.e. if 12 matches, it relabels the imported point to 12:1).

Once the data is imported, TPC checks for raw data. If it exists, TPC recomputes the traverse using the raw data, generating new coordinates for the imported points.

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