Geodimeter 600

TPC supports the Geodimeter format. It can Import and Export Geodimeter 600 files directly to the Geodimeter Control Unit via a serial port on your computer.

Exporting Geodimeter 600 Files

The dialog will indicate when the export is complete.

Importing Geodimeter 600 Files

The dialog will indicate when the import is complete.and put all of the imported points into it. The imported points also show up in the Points Manager. If you don't want the traverse you can delete it. The points will remain in the Points Manager.

Supported Records

TPC currently supports the following Geodimeter records: 0, 2-11, 21- 30-39, 50-56, 61, 74

Combine BS, OP and FS

Use this option in the Import Settings dialog to eliminate redundant points in the traverse created from the import.

This format uses record 5 to indicate a foresight or sideshot then a record 2 to that same point when it is occupied. This results in the following traverse point sequence.

1 OP

99 BS

2 SS

2 OP

1 BS

3 SS

3 OP, etc.

This option reduces this sequence to the following:

1 OP

99 BS

2 FS

3 FS, etc.

This format is much cleaner to work with and is typical of how the traverse would look if you had entered the data manually.

Export Format

TPC exports data using record 50 for the job name and records 2, 4, 37, 38 & 39 for the point label, coordinates, and descriptor. Here's an example:

50=Example Survey

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