Hot Keys

Hot Keys are also referred to as Accelerator Keys. They are keyboard shortcuts for commands. They are part of the three main interfaces Windows provides to program commands 1) Menus, 2) Toolbars and 3) Hot Keys.

Learning the Hot Keys

Hot keys are listed in the menus, to the right of their commands. You learn the hot keys by first using the menus. If you tend to repeat a menu command, look for its hot key. Next time you want to use the command just press it's hot key.

Function Keys

Many Hot Keys use the function keys at the top of your keyboard. If a menu displays F9 as the Hot Key, it refers to the F9 function key.

Using the Control and Shift Keys

Some Hot Keys include either the Control (Ctrl) key or the Shift (Sft). The Traverse View uses the following F9 Hot Keys to modify the view.

F9 displays the view format dialog

Ctrl + F9 refreshes the view

Sft + F9 toggles between raw data and inverses