Least Squares - Resection

TPC automatically uses Least Squares to compute resection points. This method allows the greatest flexibility in the data you collect to generate the resection position.

Typically, you will shoot the desired backsight point, then include observations to one or more known points called Resection points. This kind of traverse will look something like this in the Traverse View.

1OP (point being computed via resection)

99BSobserved data (can include distances, angles and a reference azimuth)

101RSobserved data

102RSobserved data

The RS point type in the Traverse View triggers TPC to compute the resection for the occupied point using Least Squares. The computed point is not labeled as a Least Squares coordinate as it would if it were part of a Least Squares network adjustment.

Initial Position

The initial position of the resection point is computed using standard trigonometry like side-angle-side without consideration of redundant observations. This initial position is passed on to the Least Squares analysis of the resection. This initial position is used by the Property and Personal editions which do not include Least Squares.

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