Obvious Navigation

The TPC Desktop gives you easy access to the Views using what we call Obvious Navigation.

Let's face it. You run lots of programs like spread sheets, word processors, picture editors and the list goes on. You don't want yet another program that's hard to learn. You want a program that is intuitive and easy to use. That's where our Obvious Navigation comes in.

The Desktop Navigation Toolbar

You'll start with the Desktop Navigation Toolbar at the top of TPC Desktop. If you want to open a drawing, just click the Drawings icon then locate the drawing you want and double click it. Open traverses and surfaces the same way.

Dockable Views

Dockable Views are the most efficient way to work with survey data that we have found to date. Think of them as sticking to your desktop where you want them.

In this example, we've docked the views to the left side of the desktop, separating them into two tabbed groups.

Tabbed Views

Tabs let you organize your views in groups. Tabbed views share the same space on the desktop. To active one of the views in the group, just left click its tab.

Tabs are a very efficient way to provide access to all your survey data all the time.


You may already be familiar with Auto-Hide if you have this feature turned on for your Windows task bar. Auto-Hide reduces any view to a button on the side of the desktop. When you want to use that view, just position the mouse over it and it slides open for use. Pretty neat!


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