Points Manager

The Points Manager manages all of the points in the survey. It lists the points in the survey, sorted numerically and alphabetically. You can also sort by Northing, Easting, Elevation, or Description or combine them for mutli-level sorts.

Use the Points manager to select certain points for printing or exporting. Use the search and replace tools to update point descriptions, enter corrected elevations, re-label points and lots more.

Adding Points

Points are typically added to a survey outside the Points Manager. As you add points to a traverse in the Traverse View, those points are added to the Points Manager as they become part of the survey. Many COGO routines also create new points which show up in the Points Manager.

You can choose Tools | Insert Point to create a new point in the Points Manager. Once you enter a point name (label), the Points Manager will reposition the point in its sorted order based on its new name.

Deleting Points

When you delete a point from the Points Manager, you are deleting it from the survey. To make sure you don't accidentally delete a point that is being used, TPC keeps track of how many times that point is used elsewhere in the survey in the point Count. You can turn the Count column on be editing the Points Manager format choosing Tools | View | Format View.

Editing Points

You can edit points directly in the Points Manager. If you need to update an elevation, just type it in the Elevation column for that point. You can edit a point's name, description and coordinates the same way.

Relabeling Points

From Tools -> Modify Points -> Relabel Points, you can relabel all points in the survey or points selected from the points manager. More information under Related Topics

Point Properties

To look at the properties of an individual point, select that point in the Points Manager then choose Tools | Point Properties. TPC displays the Survey Point Properties dialog. Make any changes to the point just like you would in the Points manager.

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