TPC uses the term coordinate points or just points to refer to a location defined by a point label, northing, easting, elevation and description. The points may be used in a traverse but do not have to be.

Point Rules

TPC has a few rules about points that you must follow:

  Point labels can contain numbers, letters, and symbols in any combination.

  Each point label in the survey must be unique.  TPC identifies each point by its point label, so there can be only one point 200, only one point 201, etc.

  TPC creates new unique point labels from existing point labels by adding a colon and a unique number to the new point.  If TPC duplicates point A1, it tries to name it A1:1.  If the survey already has a point labeled A1:1, TPC tries to name it A1:2, etc.  In this way, the point label is unique, but you know that it is related in some way to point A1.  You may edit any point label at any time.

Point Descriptions

Each point in the survey can have its own point description.  These are the field notes you might otherwise enter on the right-hand side of your field book.

Descriptions can be alpha or numeric characters.

The field notes are saved with the coordinates of each point when you save a survey file.

The Description field is also where Point Codes are entered for each point.

Point Status

The point status indicates the current status of the point, like whether or not it has been rotated, translated or adjusted. A single letter is used to indicate a status. For instance, the letter 'R' indicates the point has been rotated.

Status is displayed by including the 'Status' column in the Point Manager or Traverse View.

Point Origin

TPC keeps track of where this point originated, allowing you to distinguish imported points from computed points, etc. See Point Source.

Points Manager

The Points Manager manages all of the points in the survey. It lists the points in the survey, sorted numerically and alphabetically. You can also sort by Northing, Easting, Elevation, or Description or combine them for mutli-level sorts.

Use the Points Manager to select certain points for printing or exporting. Use the search and replace tools to update point descriptions, enter corrected elevations, re-label points and lots more.


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