Predictive Data Entry

Predictive Data Entry is also called Predictive Typing. It allows you to type what you know to get what you want.

Predictive Data Entry doesn't need a lot of explanation. You'll just use it as you go.

When Recalling Existing Data

When you recall existing data, like a point label, TPC lists all the matching items in the survey, helping you to identify the item you want or even allowing you to select the item you want from the list.

You can turn this On/Off and set the number of characters that triggers it for Point Labels in the Miscellaneous Program Settings dialog.

When Adding New Data

When adding new data like a traverse or a drawing, TPC displays a list of matching items to indicate the names that have already been used. If a unique name is required and you enter an existing one, TPC warns you that a unique name must be used and sometimes, even modifies the existing name you typed so that it is unique.