TPC support a number of print options, including PDF.

Print command

You'll find a print command in most of TPC's views. Look for Tools | Print.

Use this command to print the contents of a view. This command displays a Print dialog box, where you may specify the range of pages to be printed, the number of copies, the destination printer, and other printer setup options.



Keys: F4

Printing a View

Printing a PDF

To print a PDF file, use the same steps you use to print to a printer. Then select a PDF driver for the printer.

TPC provides it's own PDF printer driver, but you can use others PDF drivers you have installed.

Previewing the Printout

Some views allow you to preview the printout before sending it to the printer. The preview allows you to see how the printout will look before you print it.

TPC creates a preview window with the printout displayed.

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