Font Tools

Font Tools are new to TPC Desktop 2017.  They not only provide a way to manage the fonts in a drawing, but also to operate on all the drawing objects that use that font.

Convert Font

The Convert Font tool is a good example of why we added the font tools. It lets you change fonts in a drawing.  So if you don't want to use font A, just convert it font B. But instead of selecting one drawing object at a time and changing it's font, you might want to select every drawing object that uses that font and change it to another font.

Delineate Font

The Delinate Font command highlights text objects that use that font. This helps you identify how extensively you used that font in the drawing.

Select Fonts

The Select Font commands actually selects the drawing objects that use that font. Once selected, you can operate on them as a group.

Set Object Properties

Use the Set Object Properties command to modify properties of all the objects that use that font. Set the font height of all these objects to -.12" or make them all italics, etc.

Delete Unused Fonts

Use the Delete Unused Fonts command to remove any fonts that are not currently used by any drawing objects.

Drawing Data Manager

In the Drawing Data Manager, expand the Fonts branch and TPC will list all the fonts currently used in the drawing. Now you can select any of the fonts, right click and access the Font Tools

Drawing View

To access the Font Tools from the Drawing View, right click any drawing object that uses a font and expand the Font Tools sub-menu. TPC identifies the font being used by that drawing object and uses that font for the tools.

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