Leaders are lines and arrows that show the relationship between a label and the object it labels. A line leader points to a line. A point leader points to a point.

Two Types of Leaders

A drawing can have two kinds of leaders 1) manual leaders you draw yourself and 2) automatic leaders that are drawn for you.

Manual Leaders

To manually draw a leader, choose the Draw Leader command. Start at the label, usually by drawing a horizontal line under, then end the leader down by the object being labeled.

These leaders use the current drawing line type, line thickness and color to draw the leader. Once drawn, you can right click the leader and change any of its properties.

Automatic Leaders

Automatic leaders are ones that get drawn for you via the Traverse Drawing Settings. You can turn these leaders on for point labels and line labels both. If you turn leaders on for point labels and curves, TPC includes a leader with each label. Tangent line labels, however, only include a leader if the label is too long for the line.

Automatic Leader Settings

You control the way automatic leaders are drawn via the Leaders tab of the Drawing Settings. Here you control the line type, thickness, Gap, arrow style and arrow size. The color of the leader matches the color of the label.

Turning Automatic Leaders On / Off

Automatic leaders can be turned on with the Leader On command and turned off with the Leader Off command.

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