Moving Drawing Objects

With a few exceptions, you can move any object in the drawing. If you move a paper space object, its paper space position is updated. If you move a survey space object, its coordinates are updated.

There are two basic ways to move drawing objects 1) visually on-screen by drag-n-drop and 2) through the Properties dialog for each object.


The drag-n-drop method lets you select multiple objects and move them together.

This is called Drag-n-Drop. This is particularly useful for placing text where you want it or rearranging objects like tables, scale bars and narratives.

Coordinates, Direction and Distance in the Status Bar

As you move objects, the status bar at the bottom of TPC Desktop displays the coordinates of the cursor along with the distance and direction you have moved the objects. The direction is displayed in the default user settings established in the Tools, Program Settings, Units dialog.

Drag-n-Drop Not Allowed

TPC does not allow you to drag-n-drop survey lines or point symbols. You must modify the line and points in the traverses that created them.

Using the Move Command

TPC also includes a Move command that gives you more control over which objects get moved and how much.

The Move command gives you the following options:

Selecting Objects for the Move

To select an object to be moved, left click it. If an object is selected and you want to un-select it, left click it. Selected objects are 'grayed' out. You can also use the Window and Cross commands to select multiple objects. See Selecting Objects for more information.

If you have objects already selected in the drawing, the move command will proceed directly to the next step, bypassing the selection step.

Moving Objects Using a Base Point

Once you have selected your objects, the move command prompts you for a base point.

Fine Mode

Hold down the left Shift key while positioning the cursor. TPC reduces the cursor movement by a tenth to give you finer control over the exact position.

Fine mode is a toggle. As long as the Shift key is down, you are in fine mode. Release the Shift key and you are back to normal (coarse) mode.

Ortho Mode

To move the selected objects North-South or East-West hold down the Ctrl key as you position the objects. TPC will choose the ortho direction closest to the cursor position. Be sure to left click and select the target point before releasing the Ctrl key.

Moving an Exact Amount

To move the base point an exact amount, hold down the Shift key and left click. TPC displays the Move dialog and populates it with the current distance and direction of the cursor from the base point.

Enter the distance and direction you would like to move to or the X / Y coordinates you would like to move to.

When you choose OK, TPC positions the objects you are moving as if you had left clicked the exact position you just specified in the dialog.

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