Point Table

A Point table allows you to include information about points that might otherwise clutter up a drawing. Any point label in a drawing can be placed in a Point Table where each row represents a labeled point in the drawing.

Each drawing can contain only one point table. For other drawing tables see Drawing Tables.

Point Label Northing Easting Elevation <- column headings
P1 IP201 456,687.345 1,456,980.004 1300.32 <- table item

Table Item References

The Point and Lot tables are unique in that in addition to creating references like P1, P2 for Points or T1, T2 for Lots, TPC can use the Point or Lot name as the reference. You will probably prefer this for the Point table and may want to consider it for the Lot table.

You determine how to reference them in the table dialog's Format field. Include the letter 'P' to add a column for the point label in the table and TPC will reference the table items as P1, P2, etc. Omit the letter 'P' (default) and TPC will use the point label as the reference.

Table Styles

Table styles determine how items are added to a table. The style can be All or Manual. You can start with one style, like All and have TPC add the appropriate table items, then switch the table to Manual and fine tune the selection of items.

All Styles

With this style, all the point labels are added to the table. Remember that a point label has to appear in the drawing before it can be added to a table.

Manual Style

For more control over the table items, choose the Manual Style. When a table style is set to Manual, you can append points in the order you want them.

Sorting Point Labels

Points in the table can be sorted in descending or ascending order, based on their point labels. Ascending order is the default.

Adding Your Own Table Data

You can add your own columns to tables - see Editing Table Items.

For a point table, you might want to add a column for point status or origin.

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