Positioning the Survey on the Page

Positioning a survey can be quite a chore in most CAD software. You have to be careful to move the borders of the drawing, not the survey itself, or you can change the coordinates of the drawing entities.

Moving the survey isn't a problem at all in Drawing View. In fact, you'll wonder what all the fuss is about when others talk about moving the survey in their CAD software.

To move the survey in Drawing View

You will notice that objects like the north arrow and title block do not move with the survey. That's because these objects are Paper Space objects, not Survey Space objects. You'll learn about Paper Space and Survey Space in the next section.

TTPC stores the offset of the survey in inches from the center of the page. If you change page sizes, the offset from the center of the new page is the same. You will probably want to reposition the survey on the page.

Alternate Method

This is an alternate method that allows you to pick a base point and destination point and displays a temporary offset line between the two during the command. Use this method for more exact placement of the survey on the page.

Panning and Zooming

If you are zoomed in, you can use the left mouse button to pan the drawing. The difference in the commands is that for panning, you do not use the Ctrl key.

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