Selecting Drawing Objects

Selecting multiple objects lets you operate on the objects as a group. You might select a group of objects to move them to a new location.

To select or unselect objects

Move the cursor over the object you want to select and double click the left mouse button. Double click a selected object to unselect it.

Move the cursor over the object you want to select, single click the right mouse button and choose Select to select it or Unselect to unselect it.

Choose Edit | Select Objects. Move the cursor over any object you want to select and single click the left mouse button. Left click any selected object to unselect it. Select or unselect as many objects as you want, then right click any blank spot on the drawing or press Enter.

Selected objects are redrawn in a gray-dashed line.

Windowing Objects

TPC selects each object that lies entirely within the window.

Crossing Objects

TPC selects each object that lies either completely or partially within the rectangle.

Moving selected objects

Move the mouse cursor over any selected object and then drag-n-drop the object at the new location. All the selected objects will move with it.

Operating on selected objects

Right click any selected item and choose a command from the pop-up menu. If the operation can be performed on a group of selected objects, it will be. If not, it will operate only on the object that was under the cursor.

Unselecting all objects

When you are finished operating on a group of selected objects, you can unselect them by choosing Edit | Unselect Objects. The objects are unselected and redrawn in their normal color and line type.

Each time you unselect all objects, the group is saved and can be reselected by choosing Edit | Select Previous Objects.

Selecting the previous group of objects

To select the previous group of objects, choose Edit | Select Previous Objects.

Converting objects to survey points

TPC can create the equivalent survey point(s) for any drawing object. If you have imported objects from a DXF file and/or added your own drawing objects you can create the survey points for stakeout and COGO.

Text objects

Text Objects warrant a little more discussion because they rely on the True Type compatibility of your video display and output devices.

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