Drawing View Vs. CAD

Although the Drawing View includes the basic CAD tools of adding and editing entities, it is a very different environment than CAD. The biggest difference is that in Drawing View you select the options you want and Drawing View draws the survey for you. No more tedious connecting the dots or adding text one line at a time. Here are some other basic differences.

CAD Drawing View

Test height, symbol size and line widths change with scale

Remain fixed, independent of scale.

Time consuming to draw a survey for the first time.

Drawing View draws it for you.

Moving the survey changes its coordinates.

Position and scale the survey on the page without affecting its coordinates.

Multiple lines and symbols on top of each other.

Creates only one instance of a line, point, symbol, etc.

Hard to size and position a border.

Automatic border.

Changing page sizes means moving entities to fit.

Automatic placement with paper space.

One drawing at a time.

Multiple drawings in a survey - all share the same data.

Have to select groups of entities to edit.

Just change one traverse's settings.

Drawing entities not associated with survey data.

Complete integration of survey and drawing.

Other differences make Drawing View a better tool for survey drawings than CAD. You'll discover them as you read more about Drawing View and begin using it on your own drawings.

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