Stakeout Report

The stakeout report generates a cut sheet, showing cuts and fills for selected points. This report is particularly useful when used with TPC Handheld, since it reports elevation offsets and constant elevations used during stakeout on the handheld.

The stakeout report compares the selected stakeout points (these points have either an @ symbol or an _ underscore in the point label, as in 12_1 or 12@1). The stakeout points are compared with their design points. For example, both 12_1 and 12@1 would be compared with point 12.

The staked points in the following example where 0.92 below design grade (ZO-0.92). The stakeout report subtracts this offset from the design elevation and generates the appropriate Cut/Fill.

[[ Stakeout Report ]]

Point:14+24WL@ ZO-0.92 12-5-1997 12:06

Design N:6171.628 E:5447.519 Z:34.00-0.92=33.08

Staked N:6171.635 E:5447.510 Z:39.30

Difference N:0.007 E:-0.009 Linear:0.012 Cut:6.22

Point:14+24WL@:1 ZO-0.92 12-5-1997 12:08

Design N:6171.628 E:5447.519 Z:34.00-0.92=33.08

Staked N:6171.639 E:5447.518 Z:39.32

Difference N:0.012 E:-0.002 Linear:0.012 Cut:6.24

Point:14+74WL@ ZO-0.92 12-5-1997 12:19

Design N:6168.756 E:5497.437 Z:34.00-0.92=33.08

Staked N:6168.751 E:5497.444 Z:38.53

Difference N:-0.005 E:0.007 Linear:0.008 Cut:5.45

Override Design Point in Description

The stakeout report will also search the the first word in the point description for an existing design point. If found, that design point takes precedence over the @ or _ symbols in the point label.

SP,PN314SO,N 665653.053,E 1337043.827,EL641.965,--314


DE,PN314,N 665653.050,E 1337043.833,EL644.400,--55.92' OS GARCR



Here is an example from an RW5 file.

The SP record creates point 314SO which reports as a stakeout point for 314, even though it doesn't have an @ or _ symbol, because --314 is included in the point description.

The SK record creates point 314SO@ which reports as a stakeout point for 314 and not for 314SO because --314 is included in the point description.

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