Validating a License

Follow these steps to validate your new copy of TPC!

  1. You should see the validation dialog when TPC starts for the first time or when you validate through the program settings dialog located under Tools | Program settings | support | Program Validation

  2. Figure 1Enter your name, your company's name and the serial number given to you in their respective fields, Name, Company and Serial Number.

  3. Only check the box Request Network License if you have a network license. If you are unsure if you have a network license, simply don't check that box.

  4. Once you have the Name, Company and Serial Number fields filled out, click the Validate button and enter your install key (sent to you via email after your purchase of TPC).

  5. You will be presented with a dialog that allows you to enter your new install key. Copy the install key from the email and paste it into the dialog. Click the Ok button

  6. If the serial number entered was correct you should be presented with a dialog saying that Traverse PC was successfully validated, then click Ok. You're finished validating Traverse PC! If you didn't get a dialog saying that Traverse PC was successfully validated then go to step seven.

  7. Traverse PC wasn't validated properly. Make sure your serial key is correctly copied and pasted into the Enter installation key dialog. If that doesn't work please click the Copy Status button which will allow you to paste the information in the status window in an email or text file for later reference. Contact Traverse PC tech support by phone: (800) 460-3002 or by email:

Windows UAC Issue

You should only have to validate TPC once. If the Program Validation dialog is displayed each time you run TPC,you will need to validate TPC one time with elevated user rights to properly store the license.

  1.  In Windows Explorer, open the program folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Traverse PC\TPC Desktop 2013\TPC.exe) and locate the TPC.exe file. If your Windows Explorer settings hide the .exe extension, look for a TPC file with Application in the Type column.
  2. Right click TPC.exe and choose run as administrator.
  3. Validate TPC per the steps above.
  4. Close TPC and Windows Explorer.
  5. Run TPC again. It should open this time without asking you to validate.

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