Sample Surveys

The following samples are provided to help familiarize you with what TPC can do. You can open them, even in Evaluation Mode, and take a look at how you can manage your survey data and the maps.

The surveys are located in the Samples\ folder where you installed TPC. The default location is C:\Program Files\TPCW\Samples. To load a sample survey, choose Help, Open Sample Surveys.

Sample Boundary Line

Boundary line adjustment and property survey. This survey illustrates how we use traverses to create lots, do the line adjustments, and then generate the drawing.

Sample Record Of

Record of survey. The purpose of this survey was to tie existing monuments and set missing corners for a tax lot. It shows how we combine record information with field ties.

Sample Property

Boundary survey. The purpose of this survey was to locate and monument sixteenth corners of a section. It includes corner notes right on the plat.

Sample Site

This combination boundary and site survey includes contour lines, fills, a site map and other features new to Version 6.

Sample Photo

Shows survey lines with background photo geo-referenced to the survey.

Sample Imported

Constructions drawings imported from a DWG file.

Sample Parcel

A 2-page parcel map. Page 1 is the map. Page 2 is the title sheet.

Sample Huerfano County School

A site map of a High School with boundaries, contours, vicinity map and more.

Sample Boundary

A boundary survey showing the use of colored fills, text boxes and call-outs.


A 15-lot P.U.D. with contours and sample house layouts for planning and review.