Sokkia (Lietz) SDR

TPC supports both the SDR 2X and SDR 3X formats. It can Import and Export SDR files directly to the SDR via a serial port on your computer.

Exporting Sokkia SDR Files

The dialog will indicate when the export is complete.

Changing the SDR Header Information

The first few lines of any SDR file contain some basic information about the job. These lines must be formatted properly to read into the SDR. Some of the information in these first few lines is instrument and version specific. An SDR file for a total station with data collection can vary somewhat from an SDR file for a handheld data collector.

To edit the header information for the SDR files that TPC writes, open SDR2X.DAT or SDR3X.DAT found in the program data folder.

The following example defines the first three lines in the SDR file. You can add other lines to it and change the data in the current lines. You cannot, however, change the column position of the data in the lines. If you are not sure what they are, compare them with any data file produced by your total station or handheld.

00EDSDR33 V04-04.200000 122211
10NM 122211

Importing Sokkia SDR Files

The dialog will indicate when the import is complete.

TPC will add a new traverse to the survey and put all of the imported points into it. The imported points also show up in the Points Manager. If you don't want the traverse you can delete it. The points will remain in the Points Manager.

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