Exporting Drawings to GIS

A drawing contains many more kinds of objects than there are shape types. As a result, TPC must convert its drawing objects to a corresponding shape type. Points and Block References get converted to Point shapes. Lines, Polylines, Traverses, Contours, etc. get converted to Polyline shapes.

When you export a drawing as a shape file, you can choose to export the Point shapes or the Polyline shapes. If you need booth, you will need to export twice; once for each shape.

Exporting Point Shapes

When you export Point shapes from a drawing, each point symbol object creates a Point record in the shape file. End points of lines and vertices of polylines are not exported as points.

Exporting Polyline Shapes

When you export Polyline shapes from a drawing, TPC writes each tagged traverse to its own Polyline record plus any other drawing object than can be represented as a Polyline shape. In the database file, each traverse creates a record that contains the traverse name. Each polyline in the drawing creates a record in the database file that contains the word ‘Polyline'. Only survey objects are exported (paper space objects don't have valid shape file coordinates).

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