Importing GIS Into a Drawing

Your drawing will contain a point object for each imported Point shape or a Polyline object for each imported Polyline or Polygon shape.

Importing Into a New Drawing

If you want to import the drawing as is into TPC, first create a new drawing from the Drawings Manager. You might want to create an empty drawing template and choose it, since things like the north arrow, title block and border are probably already included in the drawing you will import.

You may need to do a zoom extents more than once as TPC computes the positions of the imported objects.

Importing Into an Existing Drawing

When importing a Shape file into an existing drawing, TPC holds the current drawing extents, position and scale. Because of this, you might want to include the property boundary or portion of the right-of-way in the drawing before you import the file.

Window Extents

Choose View | Window Extents to select the portion of the drawing you want to work with, then follow the command prompts on the status bar to select the diagonal corners of the extents window. TPC recomputes the scale at which the selected extents will fit on the page and centers the new drawing extents on the page. TPC may redefine either the horizontal or vertical extents in order to make the window fit the page.

Windowing the extents allows you to work with just the portion of the drawing you are interested in.

Converting Objects to Survey Points

One reason to import a drawing is to use the drawing objects in the survey. TPC can recreate coordinates for the drawing objects (end points of lines and arcs, insert points of symbols, etc). You might import a construction drawing, convert the curb lines to traverses, and then go stake them out. Or you could create survey points for all of the light poles or storm drains.

Database Files

TPC ignores the database files associated with the shape file you are importing. The information in the database file is not used by TPC.

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