Inserting Traverse Points

If the highlighted point is a sideshot, the inserted point will be a sideshot also. If the highlighted point is an occupied point, the newly created point is set at the midpoint between the highlighted occupied point and the previously occupied point. This is true if the inserted point is between two pre-existing COGO points.

 If the inserted point is between two pre-existing points that are defined by raw data, then TPC will create the midpoint. You'll need to enter the correct data for the point and recompute the traverse to make sure all courses are updated properly.

The coordinates for an inserted point can be changed by entering raw data or using COGO options.

To append a point to the end of the traverse, choose Edit | Append Point.

Remember: Raw data is stored with the foresight. If the highlighted point contains raw data, the inserted point is made to be an occupied point, and the traverse is recomputed, the position of the highlighted point will be recomputed from the position of the inserted point using the raw data.

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