Recomputing Traverses

As you enter data in the Traverse View, or if you import raw data, TPC uses that data to compute the position of the side shots, foresights, offsets, etc. in the traverse. If you go back and edit a starting coordinate, a target height, a backsight point, etc. you can insure that the points in the traverse reflect the change by recomputing the traverse.

When TPC recomputes a traverse, it starts with the first point in the traverse, then proceeds down through the traverse points. When it finds raw data for a point, it uses the raw data to compute the point. If TPC encounters a point without raw data, it holds the coordinates of the point and proceeds on.

Recomputing a traverse has the same effect as Undo Adjustments. If the traverse has been adjusted in any way, recomputing the traverse undoes the adjustments. The exception to this is precision. If you have applied a precision to a traverse, that precision is held during the recompute.

Recomputing a Single Traverse

Recomputing Selected Traverses

TPC recomputes the area, closure and precision for each selected traverse. This command insures that the traverse data displayed in the Traverses Manager is current. See Displaying Traverse Data in the Traverses Manager.

Sticky Adjustment

Beginning with TPC Desktop 2011, TPC refers to Precision, Curvature & Refraction and Scale Factor as 'sticky' adjustments. You can apply sticky adjustments before balancing angles and coordinates. Sticky adjustments also remain in effect when you choose Tools | Recompute from the Traverse View. To turn them off, go to the Closure View and choose Tools | Undo Adjustments.

Computing Alignments

In TPC, if you create an alignment by entering centerline calls (distance, direction, curve/spiral data), you generally want to make a copy of that traverse, using the original to recompute the alignment if necessary and using the copy to insert additional points on the alignment, like stations, PC's, PT's, etc. See Computing Horizontal Alignments.

If a traverse point has been designated as a PI point, TPC will not recompute it when the traverse is recomputed. This is because computations are based on the control point sequence of the traverse. Once the PI point inserts PC's and PT's into it's tangents, the control point sequence of the traverse is modified and the resulting recompute would produce the wrong results.

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