Updating Raw Data

Warning! This is NOT something you are likely to do very often. It may change the raw data you entered or imported and there is no undo.

TPC recommends that you try this operation on a trial survey first before proceeding with your actual survey data.

About Raw Data

TPC stores the raw data (distance, horizontal angle or direction, vertical angle or percent, instrument height, target height, etc) used to compute each point in the Traverse View. You can display this raw data any time by choosing View | Display Raw Data. When you Recompute a traverse or Undo Adjustments, TPC uses the raw data to recompute the position of each point.

When you adjust a traverse, TPC first checks to see if each point being adjusted contains raw data. If raw data is missing, TPC displays the point(s) that does not contain raw data and aborts the adjustment. This is a safeguard that insures that the adjustments can be undone if requested.

If you import coordinates and then adjust them, TPC will abort the adjustment because imported coordinates do not contain raw data. In this case, you can recreate the equivalent raw data using the Update Raw command in the Traverse View and then do the adjustment.

When TPC updates raw data, it uses the current Traverse View format to decide which raw data to create using the following rules:

Warning! You should update raw data ONLY if you are familiar with this feature. Once raw data has been updated, it can not be undone and becomes part of the survey.

Distance Type and Units

Beginning with TPC Desktop 2011, TPC generates raw distance that match the distance type and units selected for the traverse. If the survey is in feet, but the traverse is set to Chains and Geodetic distance at project elevation, the resulting raw distances will be chains and geodetic ground distance at project elevation.

Direction Type

TPC generates directions based on the direction type selected for the traverse. If the traverse is set to True Bearings, TPC will generate true bearings based on the survey's CRS.

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