Tool Tips

TPC has always used Tool Tips with the icons in the tool bars. Just position the cursor over an tool bar button and wait. TPC displays the command associated with the button. But starting with TPC Desktop 2008, Tool Tips are available throughout the program to expose data about the objects or items that you would otherwise have to go looking for.

We've always said that "TPC puts all of your data at your fingertips all of the time". Tool Tips are just another way we do this.

Turning Tool Tips On / Off

To toggle Tool Tips on or off, choose View | Tool Tips in any view or Tools | View | Tool Tips in any manager.

You can also turn Tool Tips on or off in the View | Format View dialog for each view or Tools | View | Format View dialog for each manager.

You Can't Edit the Tool Tip

Tool Tips display pertinent information about the object or item under the cursor but you can't edit the data directly in the Tool Tip. It's Read Only data.

Using Tool Tips in Drawing View

When Tool Tips are turned on in Drawing View, TPC displays information about any object you position the cursor over. Put the cursor over a line and you'll see the line's length, azimuth or bearing and end points with their coordinates. If its a survey line, you'll see the survey points that define the line and which traverse the line was created from.

Remember, Tool Tips are Read Only. To edit the object data, right click and choose Properties.

Tool Tips are especially useful in Drawing View when you Accent Objects under the cursor. The Accent and the Tool Tip combine to give you positive feedback as you work with drawing objects.

If the object you are accenting is part of a group, all the objects in that group are accented. See Accenting Objects.

Using Tool Tips in List Views

TPC includes many List Views including the Traverses Manager, Point View, Traverse View, Point Codes Manager and Vertical Curve View. We'll discuss Tool Tips for some of these views more specifically below, but there are some hints about Tool Tips work in any view.

The First Column

Tool Tips for an item in a List View are only displayed when you position the cursor over the first column for an item. Tool Tips do not pop-up when the cursor is over the other columns in the view. This provides a convenient way to leave the Tool Tip option turned on for the view and still get the information about an item just when you want it.

Tool Tips for Individual Cells  (Vista only)

Windows Vista auto-sizes columns if the view is not wide enough to display all the columns at their full width. This forces the contents of some cells to be truncated. You might see just the N232 of the bearing N2327'00"E because the column has been auto-sized. As you position the cursor over this cell with Tool Tips turn on, TPC displays the point number and the entire bearing N2327'00"E in the Tool Tip. This works for one cell at a time. To see all the cells full width you will need to increase the width of the view.

Using Tool Tips in the Traverses Manager

In the Traverses Manager, Tool Tips provide information about the traverse under the cursor. You'll always see the traverse name and Traverse Group.

TPC uses the Traverses Manager format to determine what additional information to display. If you have any of the traverse closure information displayed it is included in the Tool Tip. So you can format the Traverses Manager to include the information you want in its Tool Tips. See Displaying Data in the Traverses Manager.

Using Tool Tips in the Traverse View

In the Traverse View, Tool Tips provide information about the survey point and raw data.

Using Tool Tips in the Points Manager

In the Points Manager, Tool Tips spell out the status of a point.




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